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Brittany Sousa

                         p h o t o g r a p h y


It's simple. I want to give you an image that is able to be held and seen, something that is tangible by the eye and hand, something to look at and love - something that matches your memories...


Perfecting my skill with practical and creative daily practice. 

About Brittany Sousa Photography

Brittany Sousa Photography, located in Murrieta, CA is a business I started to give myself and my family better photos - better images that captured the memories I wanted to remember. I am a mom to 2 amazing little boys I call my Turkey's and a wife to a wonderful man. My inspiration is daily. I see my family and watch them grow and change, and with every turn in the road I want to remember it. So, that's what I want to give other people, memories of their lives that they can cherish forever.   

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I'm better today than I was yesterday and with every shoot I do I'm better tomorrow.


I only shoot the best! Being real, captures the real...